Senior Care in Raleigh, NC

senior care raleigh ncThis year, National Senior Health & Fitness Day falls on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. This is an excellent opportunity for families and their aging loved ones to get together and get fit. This is especially important for those who are receiving in home care and need an opportunity for social engagement, additional exercise, and community events.

Getting Involved Locally With National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Caregivers may be able to find an opportunity to celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day with their senior care companions at senior centers, aquatic facilities, or other athletic facilities where senior activities are hosted. By making contact with the facilitator at these establishments or looking online at their schedules, having access to this information should be fairly simple. The next step is gathering some others together to join in on the fun! When aging seniors have the ability to connect with their peers socially on as many occasions as possible, in their homes or outside of them, this helps ensure a better quality of life physically and mentally.

Creating a Group if One Doesn’t Exist

If there isn’t a National Senior Health & Fitness Day event scheduled, it’s possible for elderly care workers to organize and facilitate one for their companions. According to, “Local groups that wish to host a local event must register in order to legally use the National Senior Health & Fitness Day® name and logo, which are federal trademarks.” All participants have to do is register online, pay the fee (as well as shipping and handling), and plan their event. For those who are not comfortable with registering online, registering by mail, fax or phone is also available.

Reminders Prior to Any Physical Activity Involvement

  • Before the beginning of any new exercise program, aging seniors should consult their physicians to ensure they are healthy enough to do so. This is especially important for those experiencing heart conditions, chest pains, and shortness of breath, bone issues, or join pain.
  • Just like any new activities, senior care workers should help their companions work their way up gradually until they reach a comfort level with their fitness routine.
  • Don’t forget hydration. Home care companions should set the example by keeping a water bottle by their side and drinking just as much as their companion. Caregivers and seniors should try drinking between six and eight glasses of water daily.

What Are the Benefits of Celebrating National Senior Health & Fitness Day?

No matter how old anyone is, participating in a physical activity is an excellent way to achieve a healthy body. This day in May helps aging loved ones break out of “hibernation” and get moving again with their elderly care companions, as well as their family members. No matter if seniors are overweight or already in shape, they can benefit from participation in this celebration. If aging loved ones must remain in place for in home care, there are still plenty of activities they can participate in on this day so they can stay physically fit.

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