There is nothing like hands-on learning. For many years, the HomeChoice Home Care Solutions team has dreamt of having an on-site skills lab to offer to our caregiving team, clients’ families, and our community. Our dream has come to fruition in our new office. When we found our new office space we were able to envision creating a specific space to offer the kind of hands-on training our clients and caregivers deserve. One goal is to provide the best in-home senior care for our clients and their families. The second goal is to provide world-class training to our team of CNAs and PCAs. These goals have been accomplished with our on-site training lab.

Our skills lab mimics a skills lab at a nursing school. In our training lab, we have a hospital bed, a 150 lb medical dummy, a Hoyer lift, wheelchair, bedside commode, and walker. Our RN Supervisor is busy planning training classes for our team. We are also happy to offer this training lab to the families of our clients or to the community.

Imagine your senior is being discharged from the hospital and will need help getting out of bed and to the bedside commode. There are specific strategies to use when assisting someone out of bed and helping them in this instance. The strategies help keep the senior safe and the family member safe as well. If a piece of equipment like a Hoyer lift is needed, we can help with that too. We are honored to train or give a refresher to family members who might be a bit nervous or stressed about their loved one coming home. Our skills lab is the perfect place to practice these strategies in a real-life environment to give family members confidence and peace of mind and to be prepared for the homecoming of their loved one. Imagine being calm and having confidence when your loved one returns home after a hospital stay.

CNAs go through extensive training, are required to complete clinical training and to pass a state exam to receive their certification in NC. They acquire many skills during their education and are required to pass a skills assessment in the pursuit of their license. It is easy to lose confidence in a skill you haven’t used in a while. Are you a CNA who could use a refresher on how to change a bed with someone in it? Make an appointment for a refresher. Have you been assigned a client who uses a Hoyer lift, but only used one in a clinical setting with two people? We’re happy to show you how to use one safely and with confidence. Ongoing training and mentoring is a top priority for our caregiving team and we are here to offer useful and interesting ways to improve your CNA and PCA skills.

We are invested in our senior community in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and the rest of Wake County and its surrounding counties. Learning, growing, and teaching is the best way we can think of to support both our clients and our team of caregivers. We are proud of our skills lab and invite anyone in our area to call to make an appointment to see it or to request a refresher class on a specific skill you might need to brush up on.

If you are interested in in-home senior care please give us a call at 919-847-5622.