During this uncertain and stressful time, HomeChoice Home Care Solutions is doubling down on the conscientious care we provide to our clients and support we give our caregivers. We recently held an all hands staff meeting to address every aspect of the Coronavirus crisis and how it will affect our clients and caregivers.


Communication with our caregivers and clients is, and continues to be, one of the most important elements of the care we provide. We have been in constant contact with our caregivers since the initial outbreak of the virus weeks ago. We are ramping up communication regarding ways to stay healthy, necessary hygiene practices, danger signs to be the lookout for in our clients and clear communication that caregivers are not to work if they are ill. We have also communicated with clients detailing the precautions and instructions we are taking to keep our clients safe and healthy. We are also in constant communication regarding schedule changes and issues.

Knowing Our Clients

Our clients have a variety of needs and a variety of living and health situations. We are always cognizant of clients who cannot do without our care. This awareness continues through this crisis. We are committed to providing care and to being there for all of our clients, but especially those who are alone or who have ailments that restrict them from completing basic activities of daily living. We are monitoring the health of all of our clients- all of whom fall into the high risk category of the virus.

Preventative Planning

We are reaching out to all of our caregivers to create a list of people who are available to pick up extra hours, including overtime. We are also taking a survey of all caregivers who may have jobs in hospitals or facilities that may require conflicting mandatory work hours.

Focusing on What We Can Do

In this uncertain and frightening time we are bombarded with information (some reliable, some not). Our staff discussed things we can control to get through this strong and how we can be a dependable source of support for our clients and caregivers.

  • As a general business practice, we normally focus on keeping overtime hours low. Our performance measurements have been waived and we are doing whatever is necessary to care for our clients.
  • Our supplier is out of nitrile gloves. The nitrile gloves we have in stock are all that we will have for the foreseeable future. We have ordered a large amount of vinyl/ powder free gloves that have been shipped and should be here this week because these gloves are better than no gloves.
  • If a caregiver shows symptoms of the Coronavirus they are to notify the office. We will notify any client and their family. The caregiver is to follow doctor’s orders and to self-isolate.
  • Our RN Supervisor will screen new caregivers and clients for possible exposure and recent travel.
  • CDC hand-washing instructions, video and quiz were sent out to all caregivers in the past few weeks. We will repeat sending this information as long as needed.
  • Constant communication and following reliable news sources is important for both caregivers and clients.
  • Our RN Supervisor has created a decision tree to help caregivers make decisions about clients’ health concerns.
  • The office will continue to be staffed as normal since we have less than 10 people and are relatively spread out within the office.
  • Each visitor to our office will receive a squirt of hand sanitizer.
  • Take a break from the news, from the virus counts and enjoy a breath of fresh air, time with your loved ones and focus on what we have to be grateful for.

Belief in the Good

We have seen amazing acts of kindness and care in the past few days. We will all get through this crisis by working together and by following the mandates given to us. We are committed to each member of our HomeChoice Home Care family and community. It is important we focus on what we can do, have faith that everything will be ok and to love one another. God bless.