Community Spirit Days are a time designated to give back to the community.  Some seniors may feel that they’re not equipped to give back to their community, but they can. Community Spirit Home-Care-in-Garner-NCDays are for everyone to take part in.

This articles shares a few ideas on how seniors can give back to the community. Please feel free to discuss these with your parent and those responsible for their home care.

  1. Organize a food drive for the homeless. Organizers get together to decide what charity or organization the food donation will go to. Food collection bins can be placed around the home care facility to collect non-perishable food from visitors and people who want to take part in the food drive.
  2. Take up a collection. Select a local charity or organization that helps those in need and collect money for them. The collection can be combined with something like a yard sale (see #3) or an online site can be set up for people to visit and donate money.
  3. Have a yard sale. It’s easy. The home care facility will have to decide if the yard sale will take place inside or outside. Tables and chairs will also be needed. Residents of the home care facility gather items from their home that they no longer use or want. On the day of the yard sale they set up their goods on the tables. Any money they make goes to the local charity or organization they agreed on. Also, have donation jars set up on tables for people who just wish to donate money to the cause.
  4. Volunteer. Volunteering isn’t only for the young. There are plenty of activities seniors can take part in. Consider volunteering at the local hospital. Or, if your parent is a book lover, there are often volunteer position at the library.

Giving back to the community is rewarding. It’s something that everyone can do, regardless of age. If taking part and feeling part of the community is something that is important to your senior parent, discuss ways to make this happen. This article presents four ideas, but if you sit with your senior loved ones, they’ll probably have a lot more.

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