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Do You Know What to Do if Your Elderly Family Member Faints?

Home Care in Garner NC: What to do if a Senior Faints Fainting is not often serious for many people, but in your aging family member, it could be a sign of other issues, such as low blood pressure. Should your elderly family member faint, try to remember these steps. 1. Try to [...]

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Is Your Loved One with COPD Resisting Pulmonary Therapy and Rehab?

Home Care in Garner NC Loved ones who have been diagnosed with COPD may also have something called pulmonary therapy or pulmonary rehab prescribed by their doctor. Some loved ones resist this type of program, however, and opt not to take advantage of it. What Pulmonary Rehabilitation Does Pulmonary rehabilitation or therapy helps your loved [...]

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Giving Back to the Community

Community Spirit Days are a time designated to give back to the community.  Some seniors may feel that they’re not equipped to give back to their community, but they can. Community Spirit Days are for everyone to take part in. This articles shares a few ideas on how seniors can give back to the community. [...]

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