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When It Is Time to Consider Respite Care

Serving as a family caregiver for an aging in place elderly loved one is highly rewarding, but it can also be physically and emotionally draining. The average family caregiver in the U.S. also juggles at least a part-time job and household with their caregiving responsibilities, which makes their lives even more challenging. What follows are some reliable respite care options when it’s time for you to take a well-deserved break.

How Are YOU Doing? Letting Others Care About You

It is probably the most common exchange in the human language. Conversations begin with "how are you doing?" and no matter how genuine the interest of the person asking, most people will simply respond "Fine". This may be the easiest of pleasantries, but it could also be a contributor to your stress. In your role [...]

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Should You Bring an Elderly Care Provider on Outings with Your Senior?

Elderly Care in Wake County NC: Assistance on Outings Routine and predictability can be valuable when caring for an elderly adult, but that does not mean that every single day needs to be exactly the same. In fact, planning activities and outings that shake up your routine a little and give your parent [...]

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How Do You Get Groceries to a Parent Who No Longer Drives?

You work 40 hours a week or more. You have children who need rides to extracurricular activities. Your weekends are spent shopping for your mom or dad. You're tired of having no time to relax. Home Care Services in Cary NC: Grocery Shopping Shopping for groceries is a time-consuming task, but there are [...]

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Do You Know What to Do if Your Elderly Family Member Faints?

Home Care in Garner NC: What to do if a Senior Faints Fainting is not often serious for many people, but in your aging family member, it could be a sign of other issues, such as low blood pressure. Should your elderly family member faint, try to remember these steps. 1. Try to [...]

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Tips for Improving Communication with Your Elderly Loved One

Elder Care in Apex NC Communication is one of the most important skills that you can have as a family caregiver. Being able to communicate effectively with your loved one is how you identify and evaluate their specific needs and challenges, establish and implement care plans, address difficulties and issues as they arise, and keep [...]

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Training to Help in Your Role as a Family Caregiver

Home Care in Durham NC You have generously offered your services as the primary family caregiver for you aging parent. Assisting with the daily tasks of living did not seem like anything out of the ordinary that you have not done before. You’re finding, however, that caring for an elderly parent offers unique challenges far [...]

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