Calcium is an essential nutrient for aging adults.  As adults age, they lose bone density and can become at risk for osteoporosis if they do not consume the calcium they need.  This is especially trueHome-Care-in-Raleigh-NC for aging women.  Most caregivers know that one of the best sources of calcium is dairy products, but how can an older adult get all of the calcium they need if they don’t eat dairy?  If your loved one is lactose intolerant and avoids dairy, it is important for you to prepare meals that contain non-dairy foods that are sources of calcium.

Thankfully, you do have several options and there are plenty of ways for your loved one to get plenty of calcium without drinking a daily glass of milk.  Here are some of the best non-dairy, calcium-rich foods that your loved one should eat regularly:

Almond Milk

Almond milk is fortified with calcium and one 8 ounce glass of it can contain about 45% of your loved one’s recommended calcium requirement for the day.  Almond milk is free from lactose and while it does not have as much protein as regular milk, it is fortified with the calcium and vitamin D that your loved one needs.  Encourage them to drink a glass of plain almond milk, use it in cereal, or pour it into their coffee.

Kale and Spinach

Kale and spinach are among the leafy greens that contain calcium.  However, for the body to absorb the calcium best, these greens should be cooked.  Add sautéed kale or spinach to your loved one’s soups, stews, omelets, pastas, and more to help them get their daily calcium requirement.  Leafy greens are great for your loved one to eat on a regular basis because they are also great sources of other important nutrients, as well.

Soy Foods

Foods make with soy such as soy yogurt and tofu are great sources of calcium.  Tofu is also a great source of protein, another nutrient that your loved one needs.  Tofu can be served in place of meat in stir-fry or Asian-style dishes.

Fortified Cereal

To help your loved one get their calcium in first thing in the morning, encourage them to have a bowl of calcium-fortified cereal with almond milk.  Many whole grain, unsweetened cereals are fortified with calcium and other nutrients to make them a wonderful part of a healthy diet.

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