According to a recent AARP survey, more than 75% of all Americans aged 50+ want to continue living in their current homes for as long as possible. And although aging in place is an admirable goal, most seniors eventually require some type of assistance for activities of daily living (ADLs) like cooking, housekeeping and personal hygiene. If there’s an aging in place senior in your life who wants to remain right where they are, here are five signs that it may be time for some home care assistance.

1. They’re Falling Behind on Daily Chores

If you notice that your senior’s once-tidy home is now cluttered and dirty, that their bills are going unpaid, or their personal hygiene isn’t what it used to be, they may need some help.  Look for other signs like not enough food in the fridge, piles of dirty laundry or broken appliances that never seem to get fixed.

Not being able to keep up with daily chores is usually one of the first signs that an elderly loved one needs a caregiver.

2. They Can No Longer Drive Safely

As one of the most important aspects of a senior’s freedom and independence driving allows them to stay physically and socially active. But many older adults eventually reach a point when it’s no longer safe for them to drive.

Once your loved one has turned over the car keys for good, they’ll need reliable transportation for going shopping, getting to medical appointments and attending social events.

3. They’ve Become Lonely or Isolated

Numerous studies have found that seniors who stay socially active tend to be happier, healthier and live longer than those who don’t. On the other hand, older adults who are lonely and isolated are at higher risk for developing dementia or depression than are their peers.

Oftentimes all it takes to improve a senior’s mood is some good old-fashioned companionship and conversation. If your loved one seems lonely or has become socially isolated some home care assistance might just be what they need to stay happy and healthy.

4. They’re Walking with an Unsteady Gait

For reasons like poor balance and diminished muscle strength millions of seniors in the US fall every year. For some, those fall-related injuries are permanent. Certain medications, chronic medical conditions and dementia can also place seniors at a higher risk for falling.

For a senior with limited mobility even simple tasks like bathing, toileting or getting off the couch can be intimidating. If you notice that your loved one is walking with an unsteady gait, or they’re having trouble negotiating stairs, it might be time for some home care.

5. They’re Recovering from an Illness or Injury

When your loved one has been ill for a while or is coming home from the hospital soon, they will probably need some extra support during the recovery process. An in-home caregiver can provide them with much-needed assistance for ADLs like meals, personal hygiene and household chores until they have fully recovered.

Professional Home Care Assistance: Your Best Option

Although caring for an aging in place elderly loved one is a labor of love, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. If you’re not adequately trained on how to care for a senior who’s bedridden or has dementia, it can be difficult to provide the level of nurturing they deserve.

On the other hand, a professional caregiver from a licensed home care agency will have the required training, experience and resources to keep your aging loved one safe, comfortable and independent right where they want to be.

Most agencies offer a broad range of in-home services including companionship, meals, homemaking, personal care, medication reminders and transportation.

We Help Aging in Place Seniors Remain Comfortable

Our mission is to assist seniors and their loved ones by serving as an extended family in the home. As a fully licensed home care agency helping seniors age in place right where they want to be is our focus. The professional caregivers we employ are highly trained, carefully screened, and closely supervised. Our full menu of in-home services includes respite care, companionship care, personal care, dementia care, homemaking, meals, and transportation.

For your added convenience all our home care amenities can be individually combined into an affordable package that’ll put your mind at ease! To learn more about us, or to schedule a FREE in-home consultation for a senior in our service area today, please visit us online or give us a call!