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For many elderly adults living at home, cereal with milk is a popular breakfast choice.  In fact, about 49% of Americans routinely have a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  One great thing about cereal Elder-Care-in-Chapel-Hill-NCis that it can never get boring due to the countless varieties of cereal on the market today.  On March 7th, National Cereal Day, Americans are encouraged to enjoy a bowl of their favorite cereal while keeping in mind the history of cereal and why it is such a staple in our households today.  The first ready-to-eat cold breakfast cereal was invented in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson.  From there, cold cereals were perfected and made popular by the Kellogg brothers and Charles W. Post.  Cereal was originally developed as a health food in response to the common and unhealthy diet in America which was made up of mostly meat.  Today, cereal can still be a very healthy addition to an elderly adult’s diet as long as the sugary varieties are avoided.

For elderly adults who enjoy a tasty, crunchy bowl of cereal, here are some healthful ways to celebrate National Cereal Day.

Add Fruit

Add fruit such as blueberries, sliced bananas, or raisins to your elderly loved one’s bowl of cereal.  The fruit will add sweetness without adding sugar and will help to add variety to your loved one’s breakfast routine.

Use as a Chicken Breading

Cereal doesn’t have to be just for breakfast!  In place of breadcrumbs, use crushed corn flakes to bread chicken breasts for baking or chicken pieces for oven-frying.  This also works great with fish fillets.

Make a Crispy Cookie

Add puffed rice cereal to your favorite cookie recipe to give them a crispy and unique texture.  This can also be done in your favorite muffin recipe to make muffins that are a crispy, filling breakfast that can be eaten on the go.

Add it to Trail Mix

Dry cereal can be a great crunchy addition to a trail mix snack.  Use your favorite type of cereal and combine it with nuts, dried fruits like raisins or cranberries, chocolate chips, pretzels and more!

Add it to a Smoothie

It may seem strange, but blending corn flakes into your loved one’s breakfast smoothie can give it a filling and delicious boost.  The added carbs will provide your loved one with energy for taking on the day.


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