Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

Elderly Care in Raleigh NCAs a family caregiver you know that what your parent eats is an extremely important aspect of their health and wellbeing. Nutrition is critical to the various systems of your parent’s body functioning properly and to your loved one resisting health complications and illnesses. For many elderly adults, however, maintaining proper nutrition is extremely challenging. They may struggle with physical or cognitive limitations that make it difficult for them to get the food that they need, to prepare healthy meals, or to eat properly. This can result in malnutrition that could impact their quality of life throughout their later years.

One way that you can help your parent get better nutrition is to prepare “meal kits” for them. These kits are designed to simplify meal planning and preparation so your parent can enjoy a wider variety of food without the stress.

Use these tips to help you prepare meal kits for your elderly parent:

  • Plan meals carefully. Meal planning is valuable for your parent’s health and nutrition, as well as their budget. When you take the time to plan meals for your aging parent you ensure that all of the groceries that your parent purchases are used to the fullest, and that they get the most balanced nutrition. When you plan meals you are also able to easily create meal kits that make meal preparation simpler.
  • Do as much as possible. Take inspiration from the home delivery meal kits that have become so popular in recent years when you are preparing meal kits for your parent. Generally these kits come with much of the preparation already done. Doing tasks such as measuring out ingredients and even doing aspects such as chopping can further simplify the preparation.
  • Store together. To truly make it a kit, store as many of the elements of the meal preparation together as you can. For example, if you have planned a chicken stir-fry for your loved one, put the chicken in one container and the chopped vegetables in another, then stack them in the refrigerator with smaller containers of the sauce ingredients.
  • Include instructions. Write out thorough instructions for how to put together the meal and include them with the ingredients of the kit. If there are other ingredients necessary, be sure to make a note of them and leave a note on those ingredients wherever they are in the kitchen.

If your aging parent is dealing with difficulties getting the nutrition that they need, elder care may be the ideal solution. An elderly home care services provider can help your loved one to overcome their specific challenges with eating and nutrition in a way that still supports as much independence as possible. This can include helping them with grocery shopping, assisting with meal preparation, and even being with them when they are eating to ensure that they do not have issues such as chewing or swallowing problems that could put them at serious risk. The meal kits that you prepare for your aging parent can help to make planning meals for your parent and getting them onto the table quickly and easily as smooth and stress free as possible.

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