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How Can You Help Friends and Family Members Adjust to Your Senior’s Dementia Diagnosis?

It's difficult enough for you and your aging adult to adjust when she's diagnosed with dementia, but it can be even more difficult for others in her life. Friends and relatives may not understand what this diagnosis means for your elderly family member and they may start to withdraw a bit. There are things you [...]

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Not All Home Care Options Are Necessary for Seniors

Senior Care in Wake County NC: Not All Home Care Options Are Necessary for Seniors There are many different home care options available for most seniors. Not every senior who might require home care support is going to rely on aides, visiting nurses, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, or others. Unfortunately, there [...]

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Why Seniors Bruise Easily and What You can do About It

Senior Care in Wake County NC Bruising is a common problem among elderly adults and is caused by blood coming to the surface of the skin after blood cells become damaged. Since the skin becomes thinner with age, bruises occur more easily on older adults than with any other age group. It does not take [...]

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Senior Care Awareness: Holiday Season Depression

Senior Care in Wake County NC Mental illness is something that can impact anyone at any time, but if you are on a senior care journey with your aging loved ones, it can carry even more meaning. Depression impacts more than half of the elderly population, and for many it goes completely unnoticed. Caregivers may [...]

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