Senior Care in Wake County NC: Not All Home Care Options Are Necessary for Seniors

There are many different home care options available for most seniors. Not every senior who might require home care support is going to rely on aides, visiting nurses, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, or others. Unfortunately, there are far too many misconceptions people have about these and other senior care options that precludes them from even seriously considering them.

Some seniors may only need minimal assistance.

One senior might be recovering following a stroke. For that individual, home care support may be necessary around-the-clock for the first few weeks or even months after they’re discharged and sent home. They may also need visiting nurses working with them daily, a physical therapist a couple of times a week, an occupational therapist to help them relearn how to do certain tasks with their new limitations.

Other seniors may only require help or somebody to check in on them once or twice a week, at the most. For this, a home care aide would be the ideal choice.

What is a home care aide?

This is a man or woman who will assist with basic tasks of everyday life. That could include helping them get out of bed, with bathing, preparing meals, going to the store or a doctor’s appointment, companionship, and much more.

A home care aide will not be licensed to administer medications, check vital statistics, or perform other medical tasks, which is why a visiting nurse may be needed instead.

What does a visiting nurse do?

Any medical attention a person requires at home will need to be performed by somebody licensed to do so in that particular state. This is usually done by a visiting nurse. This visiting nurse could administer medications, change an IV drip, check blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital statistics, and perform a wide range of medically related services.

Every senior has the right to accept or refuse care.

Family members may assume they know what’s best and an adult child may be absolutely convinced home care support is needed for their aging parent at this point in their life, but ultimately the decision comes down to the senior, as long as they’re fully capable of making a reasoned and rational decision.

If a senior has refused to consider home care options, it’s important that family members find out why. They may have certain misconceptions about it, assume it’s too expensive, or not realize the benefits that abound in relying on this level of care and support.

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