Learning All About Dementia

A big shout out to Dorothy, LaToya, Pat, Denise, and Lia who attended our in-service titled “All About Dementia”. We talked about the challenges for people affected by dementia and the special challenges caregivers (professional & family alike) of those with dementia face. Knowledge is power. It gives us understanding which builds our compassion and makes us better caregivers.

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What if I Suspect My Mother Has Dementia?

Your elderly mother is having trouble performing simple tasks, and she’s locked herself out of the house several times. The other day mom went to the bank and couldn’t remember how to get back home. Mom’s forgetfulness has now reached the point you suspect she has dementia. What should you do?

Tony Rogers of HomeChoice Home Care Presents “Know the 10 Signs”

Tony Rogers, co-owner of HomeChoice Home Care Solutions, presented "Know the 10 Signs" in Wake Forest, NC.  Tony enjoys being a Community Educator and advocate for Alzheimer's Association of Eastern North Carolina. It's important to be able to recognize the 10 early signs of Alzheimer's disease because early detection can provide medical benefits, emotional and [...]

The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimers Disease

Tony Rogers, co-owner of HomeChoice Home Care Solutions, presented "The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimers Disease" at the Bladen County Dementia Awareness Series in Elizabethtown, NC. He is pictured here with Rachel Hodnett, Lumber River Council of Governments today.There were 65 people in attendance including an Elizabethtown Town councilman. Tony loves being a [...]

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Are You Caring for Your Parent Too Much in Their Early Stage of Alzheimer’s?

When you find out that your aging parent is living with Alzheimer’s disease, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the realities of the progression of this disease, and determined to take on as many responsibilities as possible to ensure that your parent’s needs are met. While it is important to ensure that your [...]

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How Can You Help Friends and Family Members Adjust to Your Senior’s Dementia Diagnosis?

It's difficult enough for you and your aging adult to adjust when she's diagnosed with dementia, but it can be even more difficult for others in her life. Friends and relatives may not understand what this diagnosis means for your elderly family member and they may start to withdraw a bit. There are things you [...]

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