Client care goes so much deeper than “customer service”

When caregivers are engaged with clients in their homes, relationships are built on trust, time and care.  There are many things a home care agency must do, as required by state regulations, but real client care comes when we reach beyond regulations and build real relationships.

Learning the details about a client’s daily life and communicating those details across the team of caregivers is important when providing seamless care to our clients and their families.  Caregiver communication across days and shifts ensures our clients feel comfortable, happy and well cared for.

Delivering fresh picked strawberries and a daily detail journal to a client’s home.

HomeChoice Home Care ensures continuity of quality home care by keeping a “daily details” journal. Paying attention to the small details helps us engage with our clients in a meaningful way.  Does your loved one like a cup of tea everyday at 11:00?  Do your parents like to open their blinds to see the birds each morning?  Do they like to visit a specific grocery store?  Attention to the little things also gives the families of our clients peace of mind that their loved one is truly cared for and seen for the unique person they are.

Understanding and embracing daily details is important, but we also love to learn about the whole person.  No matter our age, physical or mental circumstance, we all have a history that has made us who we are.  As we interact with friends and loved ones, we also interact with our clients.  We enjoy hearing about past adventures, favorite foods and favorite memories. We are amazed at the beautiful and wonderful things we have learned from our clients.  We are truly honored to be a part of our client’s lives and to deliver a service that goes beyond “home care”.

Genuine care is all in the details!