“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.  The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”Henry Ford

You can never stop learning, getting better and broadening your knowledge.

Continuing your education benefits you in a variety of ways and the beauty of learning more is that there is always more to learn!  These days it is easy to continue your pursuit of education no matter your age, no matter your interests.  Learning doesn’t have to be about advancement in a career or a specific goal; it can be just for fun too.  You can also choose how you learn and when you learn.  The world is always evolving; embrace it in as many ways as possible.

A few options for continuing your education are:

  • Community center classes – Classes offered by your local town are affordable, close by and offer many options. You may also meet some new neighbors or people with similar interests.
  • Online classes – If you aren’t able to get out as much- maybe you can’t drive, have young children or a physical ailment that keeps you at home. There are thousands of free and affordable classes to take online.  If you embrace your online class and participate you will meet people from all over that are pursuing the same knowledge.
  • The library – Get out to your library! It has so many options- classes, online resources, audio books and not to mention the BOOKS!
  • Seminars – Attending a seminar offers a short time (a day up to a few days) of intense learning on a specific subject. This is another great way to connect with people who have the same interests and to learn about a new subject or to enhance your knowledge of a topic you are interested in.

In the spirit of always learning and always growing, HomeChoice Home Care Solutions owners, Brian and Jennifer Perruccio, attended a two and a half day home care seminar in Atlanta hosted by Gregg Mazza of Homecare Breakthrough Solutions.  They met other agency owners from all over the country, learned about ways to make their business stronger and how to provide the best home care service possible to their clients.

Brian said, “We love serving our clients and love to learn new and innovative ways to serve them.  This weekend was a total win!”

Whether it is a new interest, an old hobby, your career or business there are plentiful opportunities to learn and to stay fresh.  Branch out and have courage to try something new.

Always keep learning!