Elderly Care in Apex NC

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so it is time to come up with the perfect gift for your elderly dad. This time of the year is especially important to dads who live alone. The gift of time with Elderly-Care-in-Apex-NCfamily and others who are important to your father, such as an elderly care professional who assists your loved one throughout the day, are just as important as a tangible present. But if you are looking for something your dad will enjoy, here are a few ideas he is sure to love.

Gifts for the Book Lover

Does he have a favorite author or book topic? Then he will probably love getting a book for Father’s Day. Another popular gift is electronic readers, such as Nook or Kindle. Electronic readers will allow you to download as many books as you would like for a small fee.

A yearly subscription to his favorite magazine would also be something he would love. Not sure what he likes to read? Give him a gift card to a book store and offer to drive him for a special trip just the two of you can do together.

Gifts for the Entertainment Lover

If your dad is a movie buff, enjoys concerts, or is a sports fan, he will probably appreciate an entertainment themed gift. Tickets to a movie, sporting event, concert, play or other event they have been looking for are great gift ideas. Make a night of it by going out to dinner prior to the show. Giving him a DVD or Blu-ray of his favorite movie or TV show will also be winning presents.

Gift of Help

Especially for those older adults who are living alone, it can be stressful having to keep up on the housework and yard work. Give him the day off by hiring a maid for the day to take care of all his chores. An elderly care aid can also be hired to provide constant companionship for your loved one and help with all of the chores and cooking that may be too difficult for your father to do on his own.

Gift of Safety

There are a number of ways older adults can get seriously injured in their home. You can help prevent injuries by adding safety features to his home. Installing grab bars in the bathroom could prevent slipping, changing all cabinet and door knobs to levers would make it easier to open, and installing a toilet a few inches taller would make it easier for the elder to sit down without straining his muscles.

As wonderful as all of these gift ideas are, the best one is being able to spend time with your loved. So take time out of your schedule to visit and bond with your father on this special day.

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