Shaneka was presented with a caregiver of the year plaque.

Shaneka was presented with Caregiver of the Year for her amazing work!

Congratulations to Shaneka, our Caregiver of the Year for 2021. Shaneka is an outstanding caregiver. She has been with HomeChoice for almost two years now and she’s definitely deserving of being our Caregiver of the Year for 2021. Here are some of the ways she exemplifies each of HomeChoice’s core values.

  • “Can do” attitude – Shaneka is always willing to pick up last-minute shifts to ensure our clients do not go without care.
  • Caring and Compassionate – We receive constant praise on how much our clients and their families adore Shaneka and how caring she is.
  • Solutions-oriented – When faced with a medical emergency with one of our clients, Shaneka didn’t hesitate to call 911 for help and then notified the client’s family as well as our RN Supervisor to make sure everyone was informed of the situation.
  • Do the right thing – When a fellow caregiver had an emergency come up and couldn’t make it to relieve Shaneka from her shift, Shaneka stayed on to ensure the client did not go without care while the Scheduler’s worked to get someone there quickly to relieve her.
  • Teamwork – Shaneka is always dependable, never calling out of her shifts, and always willing to pick up extra shifts.

“Shaneka is truly a great caregiver and a fabulous employee.  Since joining our caregiving team Shaneka has been an outstanding employee.  She embodies HomeChoice’s value of “Teamwork” by always being willing to pick up open shifts and making sure HomeChoice’s clients do not go without care and never calling out for her assigned shifts.  She is also a caring and compassionate caregiver who has been welcomed by each and every client she cares for.  Shaneka is a great member of our team and a joy to work with.” 

-Brian, Owner & General Manager

“Shaneka is one of a kind.  Her positive attitude, caring heart, and work ethic make her a wonderful caregiver!  She truly cares for her client and you can tell based off the level of care she provides to them and the peace of mind she gives the client’s family.  They know they do not have to worry while Shaneka is caring for their loved one.  She is a team player, always willing to help our clients any way that she can.  Shaneka always goes above and beyond what is expected of her and we can’t show our appreciation for her enough!  Her hard work and dedication is outstanding and we truly appreciate it! 

-Vivecca, Care Manager 

“Shaneka is one of the warmest individuals I have ever met.  Her caring and nurturing nature radiates and it is very apparent just how much she truly cares.  She is such an amazing asset to the HCHC team and to say she is appreciated is very much an understatement.  I look forward to each interaction with Shaneka and it is truly a privilege to work with her.” 

-Maggie, Scheduling Coordinator 

“In my short time with HomeChoice, Shaneka has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  From her amazing personality to her eagerness to help, I have been in awe of her work ethic. For these reasons, I believe Shaneka Cole is Caregiver of the Year.”

-Jessica, Scheduling Coordinator 

“Shaneka is one of the kindest CGs I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  She is very reliable and gives great care to all of our clients.  I always receive positive feedback from clients and their families when asking about Shaneka.  She is a true asset to HomeChoice and the families she works with.  I know that I do not have to worry about a client when she is assigned to their care.  Thank you for all you do, Shaneka!”

-Carrie, RN Supervisor 

“Shaneka is wonderful, simply wonderful. I know he is in good hands when she is here and I can sleep peacefully.”

-Client’s Wife

Shaneka alongside HomeChoice owner Brian and RN Supervisor, Carrie.

Shaneka alongside HomeChoice owner Brian and RN Supervisor, Carrie.

Shaneka says winning the award of Caregiver of the Year was such a surprise and she feels honored to receive it.  She has been a PCA/CNA for over 15 years after caring for a relative that needed help.  Shaneka enjoys doing activities with clients and running errands with them as well.  She said it gives the client a chance to take their mind off of what they’re going through for just a moment.

In Shaneka’s spare time, she enjoys sleeping, playing a good board game, and doing outdoor activities.  One of her favorite foods is Hibachi and she says she’d love to travel and see different states or cities outside of her hometown.  Shaneka said she appreciates the flexibility of working with HomeChoice, knowing that the schedulers are willing to help work with her and her personal schedule.

Shaneka was honored with a personalized plaque and a cash award.  She will also be honored on the recognition board and our Caregiver of the Year plaque in our office.   We sincerely thank you,  Shaneka, for your dedication and commitment to our clients and to HomeChoice. Having you on our caregiving team is a privilege. We’re so grateful for all of your hard work. It definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed!