Congratulations to Joyce S., our Caregiver of the Year!

Congratulations to Joyce, our Caregiver of the Year for 2023. Joyce is an outstanding caregiver. She has been with HomeChoice for 17 years and she has earned the honor of being named our Caregiver of the Year for 2023 by embodying our core values in all that she does. She stands out among our 140+ caregivers for so many reasons and has touched many lives.

Can-Do” attitude: Joyce represents the “can do” attitude because she is always willing to be flexible when a client’s schedules or needs change.

Teamwork: When one of her clients went on an extended vacation, she was an invaluable asset of teamwork as she assisted with various other clients in need of emergency care during that time.

Caring & Compassionate: Joyce treats her clients as individuals, getting to know each one as the unique person that he/she is, not a “one size fits all” approach.  It communicates respect for the client as a valued individual.  She takes time to talk with  him or her about  early life, engages about  interests and picks up on non verbal clues in the home that tell more of the story.

Solutions Oriented: She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients get the care they deserve. If she’s working on a difficult case, she collaborates with our office to find the best possible solution while giving her clients an abundance of care and grace.  For example, Joyce started a caregiver communication log in the home so that the AM caregiver and herself are able to communicate clearly and effectively for their shared client.

Do the Right Thing: Joyce has never called out last minute, she shows up for her client because she knows just how much of a difference she makes for her client and her clients family.  She also provides excellent care to our clients by enduring whatever the challenges may come up.

Here’s what our staff says about Joyce…

“Mrs. Joyce is always such a joy to work with. When she calls into the office she is always in such a bright and happy mood. She is so sweet and thankful for any and everything. She is the true definition of what a GREAT caregiver is.” Chelsea, Recruiter 

“Joyce is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients and is a great benefit to our team. Her excellence in caregiving, flexibility, and communication exemplifies the best of HomeChoice.” Shannon, Scheduling Coordinator 

“There is no one more caring and dedicated to their work than Joyce. She treats every client as if they were her own family; she is always going above and beyond for her clients.” Allison, Scheduling Coordinator 

“I have a soft spot in my heart for Joyce as I got to know her before I came to HomeChoice as she  cared so well for my own dad. She took time to listen to my dad talk about his yard and garden, his career and his family.  This allowed him to be himself in a time when even he knew life was changing.” Sharon, RN Supervisor

“Joyce is one of the most top tier caregivers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her communication, attention to detail, commitment to her client, and compassion for the caregiving field are just a few of the qualities that are extremely appreciated. Not just by us, but by her clients also. When Joyce is scheduled with a client she cannot help but to put that client and their family at ease in knowing they will be taken care of properly, diligently, and most importantly – with a caring heart. Joyce was one of the first caregivers I met when I started with HomeChoice and even in the first few moments of meeting with her I could sense just how special she is. She is one of the kindest, most generous, and gentle souls I have met and she is a continuous inspiration to expand on all of the qualities that keep a heart full, mind sharp, and soul humble and kind.” Maggie, Branch Manager 

“Joyce is an amazing caregiver and dedicated employee.  Joyce has seen a lot of change at  HomeChoice in the 17 years she has been part of our team, but through it all the constant has been Joyce’s compassion and dedication to her clients.  In the 13 years that I have worked with Joyce, every single one of her clients and their families have always loved and appreciated her.  She always puts her client’s needs first and always represents our agency well. She exemplifies everything we strive for in the services we provide.” Brian, Owner & General Manager 

Here’s what her clients and their families have said about Joyce…

“Our day caregiver, Joyce, was truly a blessing to our family and went over and above to care for my dad. He really enjoyed her and said, “she was the best!”” – LC (family of a former client)

“While there was a range of caregivers, most of them were wonderful and one in particular became close to my parents and truly cared for them as though they were her own family (Joyce)”. – CS 

Joyce S, our Caregiver of the Year 2023.

Joyce S, our Caregiver of the Year 2023.

“When families find themselves needing assistance with loved ones, turning over that care is so difficult. Joyce, through Homechoice, provided not only excellent care for my mom but peace of mind for me. Joyce is not a caregiver. She is family. She made my mom smile when her world was disappearing. She was gracious, loving, and compassionate when my family needed it most. She went above and beyond the “basic” care by befriending my mom and providing loving respectful care in her final years and days. I can’t  think of anyone more deserving of this recognition. As I said, Joyce is family and I am sending her hugs and love.” – AH

“She is Johnny on the Spot at sensing when I need help, she’s tuned in. She’s there to give it to me whether it’s my clothes, personal habits or anything else. She’s there ready to help me. She’s willing to do anything she’s capable of doing with regard to providing assistance. She also shows up on time and does a great job of managing her schedule and helping me with mine. She’s always available for the unexpected, surprise issues shows up, trip to the store, pharmacy, doctor office, etc” – BH

Joyce S, our Caregiver of the Year 2023.

COY 2023 Joyce Smith and Brian.

When Joyce was awarded the Caregiver of the Year she was shocked but humble, it absolutely brought tears to everyone’s eyes.  She said, “Wow, I am so surprised.  I love HomeChoice and all the people that I get to care for.  You guys are all so great, the office staff is so easy to work with.”  Joyce has been with HomeChoice Home Care Solutions since 2006. She has been a CNA since 1981.  When asked why she started in this field she said, “I felt like I had something to contribute. I love to help people.”

Joyce enjoys working with all of her clients.  She especially likes to help them with their exercises and being able to play games with them.  The interaction she has with her clients and their families is something that Joyce really enjoys. Joyce hopes to work as long as she is able and to be able to retire and enjoy life. She wants to help however she can.

When she’s not providing care for her clients Joyce loves exercising, playing games, bowling, and playing racquetball.

Congratulations, Joyce, there is no person more deserving of this recognition than you. We are grateful that you are on our team and for all the care and love you dispense to the HomeChoice Home Care Solutions family.  We appreciate you