Home Care in Chapel Hill NC

Staying on the same page when it comes to any type of in-home care may be difficult. One family member may see a need for certain support for their elderly loved one while another family Home Care in Chapel Hill NCmember may see something completely different. For example, one adult child might feel that her 85 year old mother would be much better in an assisted living community rather than staying in the comfort of her own home; the other adult child may believe she would be but much better served surrounded by familiar things.

Who is right in the situation? It all depends on perspective and what the senior wishes to do. However, more seniors today are choosing some type of in-home care because they prefer to ‘age in place.’ By ‘aging in place,’ it basically means they want to remain within the comfort of their home, surrounded by things that are familiar to them, rather than moving into any other living situation, including a nursing home, assisted living, or with family members.

By having siblings arguing about what’s best for the elderly individual, it lays a foundation of discord and that can negatively impact the quality of care they receive. How could that happen? One sibling may not believe that in-home care is a right option and the other thinks that is a perfect option. As a result, since they can’t agree on anything, that one sibling who supports in-home care may step up to be the caregiver for their aging mother.

Over time, it may be can become clear that this is a job that is far beyond what they can continue to do over time. As a result, they may hire a caregiver to help out every once in a while. If they don’t commit to being unified in their support for some type of care for the elderly loved one at home, it will usually lead to a mix-and-match type of process.

This could mean one caregiver shows up one week and a completely different caregiver shows up the next. Consistency is incredibly important for people of all ages. A senior wants to be comfortable with an individual coming into their home to help them get out of bed, get dressed, do laundry, or perform a number of other tasks.

It’s important to be united and ‘together’ when discussing the prospect of in-home care. It’s also important to realize the senior has the last and final say on this topic.

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