Senior Care in Durham NC

Senior Care in Durham NCOne thing that many healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains have in common is that they are a great source of fiber. Many seniors and their caregivers may have heard about the importance of getting plenty of fiber in their diet, but what are the health benefits of fiber and why is it especially important for seniors to eat a high fiber diet? Read on for some useful information about fiber and why you should encourage your senior loved one to eat the recommended amount of fiber each and every day.

Health Benefits of Fiber:
• Fiber is filling which is why it is great for those trying to lose weight or trying to maintain a healthy weight. Eating foods that are high in fiber such as oatmeal, quinoa, and fruit with the skin on can help seniors feel full without adding excessive calories.
• Getting both soluble and insoluble fiber is important. Soluble fiber can help lower blood cholesterol levels and glucose levels while insoluble fiber helps food to move effectively through the digestive system and prevents constipation. Some foods contain one type of fiber or the other, but there are some foods that have both such as oatmeal and beans.
• Eating a fiber rich diet is very important for seniors with diabetes. Fiber can help the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, eating a high fiber diet long-term can help seniors prevent type 2 diabetes.
• Fiber prevents constipation and promotes good bowel and digestive health overall. Getting ample amounts of fiber can help seniors prevent hemorrhoids and colon diseases.
• For seniors who have high cholesterol, getting plenty of fiber is essential to lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, fiber can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, making it a very heart healthy food.

How Seniors Can Get Plenty of Fiber in Their Diet:
• Raw fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber. Seniors should be sure to eat the skins of fruits such as apples or pears as that is where a lot of the fiber is found.
• Replacing white flour and foods made with white flour with whole grain flour is another great way to introduce more fiber into the diet. Whole wheat flour is excellent for cooking and baking and many favorite foods such as bread, pasta, and tortillas have whole grain alternatives that seniors can find at the grocery store.
• Beans are an excellent source of fiber and they can be great as a side dish, in soups, or even served cold on a salad.

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