Senior Care in Cary NC

Arthritis affects your loved one’s joints and can be a crippling condition. The better that your loved one takes care of himself, however, the better he is likely to feel even if his arthritis worsens. Senior-Care-in-Cary-NCHere are some tips that can help you care for him.

Balance Activity and Rest

Your loved one needs both movement and rest to help his body to deal with arthritis. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about the types and the amounts of activity that will do your loved one the most good. Then exercise together. That way you can monitor your loved one during activity and you’re there if he needs any extra assistance.

Help Him Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is powerful and it can help your loved one’s body to deal with the damage that arthritis can cause. If your loved one isn’t sleeping enough, try looking at reasons for that. If he’s napping too much or if he’s eating or drinking things before bed that are stimulants, then those changes can help him to sleep better. For continuing sleep problems, be sure to check with your loved one’s doctor for solutions.

Keep Doctor’s Appointments

It’s really important that your loved one keeps all of his appointments for checkups with his doctor. Your loved one’s doctor is able to determine if there’s more that needs to be done for your loved one, if he’s eating right and exercising enough, and also if a different medication might help. Each appointment is another opportunity to help your loved one more.

Get Some Extra Help

Being a family caregiver for someone who has arthritis can be exhausting. You can try doing it on your own, but the job gets easier when friends and family can pitch in here and there. You might also want to consider hiring senior care providers. They can help with all sorts of issues from personal care to helping your loved one to run errands.

Stay on Top of Information about Arthritis

The more you know, the better you can help your elderly loved one. Research and information is constantly updating regarding arthritis, so it pays to stay in the know. Keep up with new information as much as you can so that you’ve got as much education about the condition as possible.

Dealing with arthritis doesn’t have to keep your loved one down.

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