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What would the world be like if there was one more smile? Just one more example of happiness? One more feel-good event that puts the negative’s in life into perspective? For those who provide Home-Care-Wake-County-NCelder care or in-home care for someone in need, this is something that might really resonate. The world can be a harsh place to live in sometimes, and there are days when putting on a smile just doesn’t feel practical, but a smile is proof that something so small can make a big difference in your life. If you start allowing yourself to smile you can start experiencing the whole world in a different way.

In 1963 the world was fraught with war and hate. Protests abounded and there were stark divisions between people in different walks of life. But an artist by the name of Harvey Ball thought that there was one symbol that every person alive could relate to: the smile. He created the iconic happy face image that became so popular. His belief was that a little more happiness would make the world a better place, and now the foundation in his name carries on his mission. October 2nd is World Smile Day, a day that is meant to help every person find a reason to smile, if only briefly, in the belief that a little more happiness and a little less hate and despair will make the world a better place to live in.

Since 1999, World Smile Day has challenged the world with one task: “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.” As a caregiver, you have the opportunity to provide this level of simple service every day. Working in elder care comes with its challenges, but those challenges are not without deep intrinsic rewards. Providing senior care gives you the opportunity to get to know an individual on deeper terms, to provide them with their needs and to become a force of goodwill in another person’s life. Caregivers are blessed with the opportunity to deliver smiles day in and day out. The challenge comes in finding the courage to wear a smile yourself, even when fatigue and stress are wearing you down.

Many caregivers overlook this power that they hold; the power to deliver a smile to the face of their elderly loved ones.

Bringing a smile to the face of someone you care for only takes a moment. It might mean taking a few extra minutes to sit and listen to a story, or spending some time in the evening baking cookies or working on a puzzle. It could mean helping a senior learn how to video chat on the computer so they can reconnect with family and friends. The ways to make someone else smile are endless, and are worth the effort. On October 2nd, if everyone went out of their way to bring a smile to one other person on this planet, we’d find ourselves living in a much happier world.

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