Caregiver in Wake County NC

As a family caregiver to an elderly loved one, it’s probably all too easy to overlook your own feelings on certain situations. Whether your elderly loved one disagrees with you about specific Caregiver-Wake-County-NCtreatment plans or you’re simply overwhelmed with all of the various responsibilities in your own life. It’s more simple to put your own feelings to the side and tell yourself that you’ll get to them later. But later can take a while to arrive, and you end up more stressed in the meantime, which can lead to problems such as caregiver burnout and physical problems of your own. Here are some things that you can do as a caregiver to take care of yourself.

Find a Support Group

Caregiver support groups are invaluable because they show you that you’re not alone in the feelings you’re experiencing and the challenges you’re up against. If you don’t find the right fit the first time you try a support group, don’t give up. There are a wide range of different groups out there and there’s one that will help you to deal with your thoughts and feelings the right way.

See a Counselor

While support groups are an incredible resource, there’s nothing like talking one-on-one with a counselor. Sometimes you just need to be able to talk things out with an uninvolved third party who can help you to put things into better perspective. There’s nothing wrong with finding someone who can help you learn how to process all the different emotions you’re feeling. Just because you’re seeing a counselor, that doesn’t mean that you’re roped into decades of therapy. You may only need a few sessions to gain the insight that you need.

Take Care of Your Own Needs

When you feel as though you’re micro-managing the needs of countless other people, it’s difficult to muster up the energy to care about your own needs at times. The way around this is to start caring for yourself as though you’re one of the people in your life who depends upon you. Your needs are just as valid and important. So when you’re worried about making sure that the kids or your elderly loved one are getting enough exercise or eating right, make sure you’re doing the same.

Stop Being Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes a family caregiver feels as though she should be able to handle it all on her own. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are situations and circumstances that you’re not prepared or equipped to handle, and it’s okay to have in-home care providers on hand who are prepared for those circumstances. Learn to let go of some things, because it will help you to be a much better caregiver.

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and to work through the complicated emotions that accompany the task that you’ve taken on.

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