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Therapy does not always include sitting across from a therapist where you are required to share all of your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it comes in a more creative form that allows the Home-Care-Cary-NCtherapy recipients to be artistic, while also enriching your life. For seniors receiving in-home care who do not have the ability to verbally express themselves, these therapeutic activities will allow them to embrace their individuality and empower them with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to help them become more independent. If your loved one is receiving senior care, especially those with dementia, they may find comfort in the offerings these forms of therapy provide.

Art therapy
Art not only provides a fun activity for elders to either learn or expand their knowledge of, as well as being extremely beneficial to those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. USA Today described the benefits of art therapy as “awakening the responses” of seniors with Alzheimer’s and “unlocking glimmers of understanding for patients experiencing memory loss.” For those older adults who easily get confused or nervous in public settings, art can be done at home with just as many benefits as art therapy. Some things to take into consideration when preparing a space in your home for this activity are:

  • Use heavy sensory materials, including things with bright colors and different textures
  • Have them draw something from their childhood memory
  • Ask questions during the activity that will help your loved one remember fond memories
  • If needed, start the project for them and then let them take over
  • Do not use any items that could be dangerous or harmful if consumed
  • Constantly praise them for their work and when the project is finished for a self-esteem boost
  • When your loved one is ready, sign them up for a local art therapy program

Music therapy
Music is a powerful tool in unlocking memories that have long been forgotten. By playing and dancing to music from one’s past, they will be able to remember things that happened during this time in their life. Dan Cohen, a social worker, decided to bring iPods to the nursing home he worked for one day. What he discovered was that the music caused the elder’s memories to awaken, allowing them to remember things that were from their childhood. There are numerous music therapy programs available with trained therapists, but you can also spend a little bit of time playing your loved one’s favorite music as a way to bring them back to an enjoyable time in their life.

Dance therapy
Aside from being an excellent way to stay active and physically fit, a study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that dance therapy can also stimulate the brain and prevent dementia. What makes this form of therapy so powerful is the fact that it allows seniors to just enjoy the moment instead of thinking about their current health problems or chronic pain.

Seniors who are accepting elder care can do all of these activities at home with their caregiver or home care aide, but may find it beneficial to join a program that allows them to meet others with similar conditions.

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