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Just because your parent is getting older does not mean that she should not be able to enjoy the fun and traditional crafts and activities that come along with the holidays throughout the year. In fact, integrating crafts and activities into your home care routine with her is a fantastic way to boost her mental and emotional health, support her cognitive processing and critical thinking skills,Home-Care-in-Durham-NC trigger memories and keep her memory skills sharp and responsive, and even provide the opportunity for her to spend more quality time with you, your children, or even her in home health care services provider.

As Easter approaches, many families are taking out the dye packets and vinegar so that they can decorate hard boiled eggs for their Easter brunch table. While this is a fun activity that can produce a variety of brightly colored eggs, it can also be extremely messy and produce eggs that you are not able to keep after the holiday. This craft takes the concept of decorating eggs for the holiday and brings it to a more adult and elegant level by utilizing beautiful decorative paper napkins to add patterns and colors to craft eggs. Rather than utilizing hard boiled eggs, use wooden, plastic, paper, or plaster eggs that you can find at craft or art stores so that you can keep these eggs after the holiday and bring them out again next year to decorate. These beautiful eggs also make lovely gifts to tuck into Easter baskets for adults.


What You Will Need

  • A paper napkin. For the best results, look for high quality, thick napkins that will stand up to the Mod Podge treatment. Look for napkins with Easter patterns or floral themes that will complement the rest of your decorations. Look at party supply stores, stationery stores, or department stores for the best quality napkins
  • Scissors. Very sharp scissors are the best choice as these will help to prevent tearing of the paper
  • A ruler
  • Mod Podge. You can choose either matte finish or glossy finish depending on how you want your finished project to look
  • A small paintbrush
  • A wooden or plastic egg


What to Do

  • Unfold the paper napkin on a clean flat surface. You might want to place a heavy book or other object on top for a few hours to help work out the seams
  • Cut the napkin into 1/2 of an inch wide strips carefully, using a ruler to space them out perfectly
  • Use the Mod Podge and a small paintbrush to stick the strips to the egg very carefully, applying a small amount at a time to stick the napkin to the egg
  • Line the pattern up the egg as desired, rotating the egg to apply the Mod Podge all over
  • Trim away any excess napkin pieces with the scissors and discard them
  • When the design is finished, allow to air dry
  • When the egg is completely dry, apply a final cover of Mod Podge to it
  • Allow to air dry for at least 1 hour or overnight and then use to decorate or gift giving.


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