Elderly Care in Durham NC

Just taking a simple trip to the store may seem like no big deal, but for an individual with Alzheimer’s it can be quite an adventure. If the person has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he is likely only Elderly Care in Durham NCexhibiting minor signs and symptoms of the disease. As a result, these trips may not be such a big concern for family members and friends.

But for people living in the middle and advanced stages of the disease, it can be an extremely delicate situation. Individuals with Alzheimer’s are going to be dealing with numerous issues, and the most significant will be memory loss. They are often confused about their whereabouts and experience heightened levels of anxiety and fear.  That’s why elderly home care is so important during the middle and later stages of the disease.

Why a family caregiver may not be enough.

In most situations, family members don’t have any prior experience helping seniors with Alzheimer’s. They may read a great deal about it, or they might learn as the disease progresses with their loved one.  However, the lack of experience could make them become complacent, make mistakes, or make too many assumptions with regard to safety and security.

Seniors who need to pick up food at the store might find it easier for a family member to do it for them, but that doesn’t provide an opportunity for them to get out and away from the house. Spending all day in the same house without many activities to occupy their time or their mind makes them sedentary, and that is not healthy. Getting exercise, walking around the store, being exposed to new things all have tremendous mental and physical benefits for people of all ages, including those with Alzheimer’s.

Hiring a professional elderly care provider who has experience in working with Alzheimer’s can provide comfort for seniors as well as their family members.

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