Elderly Care in Wake Forest NC

Some seniors in elder care find that they are struggling to lose weight, but others find they are unable to keep their weight up to a healthy level. While neither condition is healthy, the fact is thatElderly-Care-Wake-Forest-NC there is a tremendous amount of support and attention given to the group that is trying to lose weight. But very little attention seems to be paid to those seniors who aren’t eating enough or who seem to be unable to gain weight.

While many people think of food as something to be enjoyed, some see it is a chore to be accomplished and no longer look forward to their meals. This may be because they may be lonely, or bored, or simply no longer enjoying the taste of their food. Or they may be struggling with digestive issues they are embarrassed to talk about. Or they may be suffering from depression or feelings of low self-worth. Obviously, if you suspect that your family member is struggling with a medical or psychological cause of undereating, do not wait to talk to a health care professional.

But if you see that your elderly family member seems to be losing weight, try to have a meal or two with them a week and see if they are eating or just pushing the food around. You should be on alert for signs that they may be having trouble with their teeth or pain in their mouth, which can also be a reason for them not wanting to eat. If that is the case, do not delay and get them an appointment with a dentist as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, however, mealtime simply isn’t as fun as it was with the family around the table and the food just doesn’t taste as good as it did when it was shared. To encourage them to eat more, try to set a schedule for visitors to come at mealtimes and break bread with them regularly. Getting in the habit of eating more may help them regulate their hunger as well.

Especially if they take medications, which most of the elderly do, make sure they understand how important good nutrition is to the absorption and effectiveness of those medicines. Talk to your senior’s doctor about adding a nutritional supplement to their diet that is easy to digest and contains necessary nutrients. And, once in a while, take them out to a restaurant to enjoy a meal out.

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