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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of an Infection?

Infections can be dangerous for anyone, but can be particularly so for elderly adults. Seniors tend to have immune systems that are lower and less effective than those of younger adults, meaning that they are more vulnerable to infections and have a more difficult time fighting off those infections if they do occur. These infections [...]

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How Can You Care for Yourself While Caring for Your Loved One?

Elder Care in Durham NC Many family caregivers overlook how important it is to care for themselves while they're caring for their elderly loved ones. By doing what you can to reduce your own stress levels, you become a better caregiver for your loved one. Gain as Much Knowledge as You Can about Your Loved [...]

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Tips for Helping Your Parent Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

Elder Care in Durham NC The summer heat can be very challenging for your aging parent. Seniors are more susceptible to heat than younger people and can suffer from serious health complications. One of the greatest risks that your senior will face during this time of the year is dehydration. This is when they body [...]

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