Caregiver in Garner NC: Technology to Help Mom in the Kitchen

Caregiver in Garner NC: Technology to Help Mom in the Kitchen

Aging presents new challenges. One place your mom may feel many of the effects of aging is in the kitchen. Lifting pans, digging into the back of a cupboard, or keeping items stocked properly is hard as memory declines and arthritis sets in. These pieces of technology can help mom feel more confident in the kitchen.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home handles a multitude of tasks. In the kitchen, both are very helpful at creating grocery lists, finding recipes, converting measurements, and working as an oven timer. If your mom needs a quick substitute for a missing ingredient, a smart speaker can search the internet for her.

DaysAgo Timers

Is your mom’s fridge full of items that may be outdated and unsafe? DaysAgo timers attach to items using a suction cup and keep a counter of how many days have passed since an item was opened. You can check the counter and know when it’s time to discard an item.

Smart Refrigerator Magnet

Hiku makes a refrigerator magnet that actually connects to an app on a smartphone. Your mom can scan the bar code of an item she’s run out of or tell the Hiku what she needs. The shopping list is then sent to your mom’s, her caregiver’s, or your own smartphone for easy retrieval at the store.

Smart Stove Alarms

Is your mom forgetful? Does she put something in the oven and forget about it until smoke fills the house? A smart stove alarm offers protection on both gas and electric stoves. It senses issues gas leaks, foods that are overcooking, and timers that turn off the stove if the motion sensor does not detect motion for a specified period of time.

Smart Toaster Oven

In a small kitchen, you might bypass a stove and get your mom a smart convection oven. This appliance is the same size as a microwave and has features that adjust the heat to cook foods perfectly. It also has timers that turn the oven off as soon as the food is cooked. Preset functions like pizza or reheat allow your mom to properly cook many foods with the touch of one button.

Technology cannot replace the personal touch, but it can help your mom in the kitchen. To ensure she ages at home in a safe manner, call a service with trained caregivers. Caregivers offer companionship, help with housework, and rides to and from area businesses and offices. With the help of a caregiver, your mom will age safely and happily in her own home.

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