Falls are the number one cause of accidental death among seniors at home. They can be caused by a number of factors. It could be the result of less strength the senior possesses in their legs, causing them to lose balance and be unable to regain it in time. It could also be caused by vision related problems in which the elderly individual can no longer see as clearly as they used to and don’t notice the bag or other object that was left on the floor.

As people get older and begin to experience new challenges in their physical capabilities, family members and friends often try to step up and assist them with many aspects of their basic care. In truth, focusing on safety is certainly an important factor, but it’s not the only one. Yet the majority of family caregivers in the United States have a tendency to focus mostly on safety and their elderly loved ones miss out on a high quality of life because they are discouraged from trying to do certain things around the house or taking part in various activities.

Hiring professional home care for the elderly is one of the best options with regard to any type of elder care. Experienced caregivers hired through an agency can do many things to not only encourage seniors to be as active as possible, but to also remain safe within the comfort of their home.  Preventing falls is one of the top priorities and there are numerous things these experienced caregivers do to help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Clearing out hallways. Experienced caregivers might see a hallway that has an end table, boxes, and other items stored along it and see a number of tripping hazards. They will then likely encourage the senior to have these items moved (the caregiver may move them for the senior) to an unused spare bedroom, the basement, or even an attic space.

Supporting the senior getting up and down stairs. When people have less strength in her legs, they increase the risk of falling while climbing or descending stairs. An experienced caregiver may be able to assist the senior getting up and down the stairs and that could help prevent a serious fall and subsequent injuries.

Assistance bathing. Getting into and out of the tub or shower surround may be challenging for some, especially for those who have less strength in their legs. Family members may be uncomfortable assisting their elderly loved ones with bathing (and the senior could be uncomfortable with that situation as well), which is why an experienced elder care provider is such a beneficial option.

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