Elder Care in Chapel Hill NC

Falls are the number one cause of injury among the elderly population. Every 11 seconds, an older adult is admitted to the emergency center due to a fall. But while the physical effects such as hip Elder-Care-in-Chapel-Hill-NCfractures and broken bones can be devastating, sometimes it is the emotional wounds that profoundly affect your parent’s long-term lifestyle. A report showed that more than one in twenty of the elderly surveyed believed that no one would find them for days should a fall occur due to limited visitations.



Fear of falling again is the number one cause of emotional turmoil associated with falling. It leaves the injured fearful of getting up from their chair, walking, transferring from one spot to another, taking a shower, or getting into the bath. Walking down the stairs can instill a sense of fear that resembles panic. This eventually wears at their self-confidence until they find themselves more at home and far less in public. The winter months in places with snow and ice pose a much stronger sense of fear, and recluse tendencies are not uncommon among the elderly during this time of year.


How to Help

  • Prevention. Help your loved one feel secure in their home by making the changes that create a safe environment for them. This includes installing motion sensor lighting and grab bars in appropriate places. Removing throw rugs and other objects that could create a slip and fall. Investigating for obstacles or wires that could be tripping hazards. Making sure pathways commonly used throughout the home offer enough space to maneuver in. Get rid of any clutter. Consider having your loved one use a walker if balance or strength is an issue.
  • Support. Until your parent can regain their confidence, keep loved ones and care providers close at hand. An elderly care provider can be there when you can’t, providing a sense of security. They can help transfer your parent from bed to chairs and help with the daily activities of living such as bathing and dressing. They can provide transportation and ensure your loved one retains a sense of social engagement by accompanying them on social outings and to exercise classes or other functions.
  • Classes. Many local AARP and senior community centers offer classes that share information regarding preventing slips and falls. These could be just what your loved one needs in order to get back on the horse again and live independently. Exercise classes such as tai chi and yoga, which promote balance and strength, are also good as self-confidence boosters.
  • Support Groups. There are support groups for just about every ailment or emotional turmoil. This includes support groups for those who have fallen. Sometimes building relationships with those who know what you’re going through helps ease concerns and a sense of isolation.



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