At HomeChoice Home Care Solutions we would be nothing without our staff of caregivers.  2020 challenged us like no other and in ways we could not have imagined.  We cared for a record number of clients in an environment that was challenging and scary.  Our staff was dependable, brave, and nothing short of amazing.  As we considered how to thank the best of our best we decided on a retention program that awarded our caregivers who work consistently for us each quarter.  Each caregiver on staff has the opportunity to earn the retention bonus and a total of $1000 in 2021.

We are excited to announce that 22 caregivers, 25% of our staff, earned the first quarter $250 bonus.  We paid $5500 in bonuses at the end of the first quarter as a big thank you to the people who truly define what we do and who we are.

Thank you to all of our caregivers for your care and dedication every day.  We look forward to paying out even more bonuses in the second quarter!