15 years is a long time. It is a long time in the span of our lifetimes, it is a long time to be in a job, it is a long time to be in love and 15 years is a long time for a business to be providing care. We are very proud to be celebrating 15 years of care this month.

HomeChoice Home Care Solutions owners Brian and Jennifer Perruccio

HomeChoice Home Care Solutions owners Brian and Jennifer Perruccio

HomeChoice Companions was established in 2005 by Jerry Stanley. In 2010, we took the leap into senior care when we bought HomeChoice Companions. A few years later, we changed our name to HomeChoice Home Care Solutions to better reflect the services we provide.

We proudly reflect on the last 10 years, all the families we have cared for, all that we have learned, all the employees who have worked so lovingly to provide such a high standard of care to all of our clients. The families and clients we have worked with over the years have won our hearts and showed us what true courage and love means. We think of the wife who has become a Parkinson’s expert in order to provide the best possible care at home for her husband. We think of the family who lived part-time with their mother and managed her caregivers’ schedule in order to keep her in her own home, all while running the family business. We think of the daughter who lovingly cared for both her parents in her home while juggling the responsibilities of her young family and a job. We have seen families endure challenges beyond imagination yet love each other through it all. We are proud to become honorary members of the family to help children and spouses give up the role of “caregiver” in order to be able to return to being the “child” or the “spouse”.

We could not help the families we do without our amazing caregivers. Certified Nursing Assistants have many options when seeking work- facility work, hospital work and home care are just a few options. Our CNAs cherish building one-on-one relationships with our clients and their families. We think of the caregiver who would place bird food on the client’s front porch railing so our client could easily birdwatch. We remember the caregiver who recognized that a client was having a stroke and saved his life by getting him the medical attention he needed. We think of the caregiver who sits and visits with his client- listening to stories, looking through photo albums and listening to music. More than once, our caregivers have been invited to sit with the family at the funeral of a beloved client.

Home Care is a rewarding and challenging business. It takes hold of your heart in a way most businesses can’t. We become personally invested in the trials and tribulations of our families. We cheer their victories and recoveries and we have great satisfaction in knowing we are helping make a difficult situation more bearable. It has been an unforgettable 10 years of business ownership. 2020 has held challenges we could never have imagined, but we are so happy to say we are making a difference more than ever.

We thank our past, present and future clients for trusting us and we thank our employees for putting their heart and soul into the care and service they provide. We are looking into the future with hope and faith that we will continue to make a meaningful difference for many more people.