Congratulations to Letha, our Caregiver of the Year for 2022.

Letha is an outstanding caregiver. She has been with HomeChoice for 12 years and she has earned the honor of being named our Caregiver of the Year for 2022.   She embodies our core values in all that she does. 

Letha, our Caregiver of the Year 2022.

Letha, our Caregiver of the Year 2022.

“Can-Do” attitude

Letha is a great communicator with our staff.  She walks our schedulers through her day and experiences with clients so that they can best staff and support our clients.  She is a dependable set of eyes and ears in the field.  Letha is also willing to pick up and cover shifts in emergencies.  Our scheduling team staff depends on her in so many ways. 


Letha embodies our value of Teamwork by working with another caregiver to bathe a bed-bound client.  The client was bed bound and as her condition worsened it became harder for 1 caregiver to give a bed bath, Letha would stay longer than scheduled to work with the caregiver who was just starting their shift to give the client a proper bed bath.

Caring & Compassionate

Even after a previous client had been hospitalized and placed in a rehab facility, Letha still went and visited with her long-time client.  Going above and beyond the call of “caregiver” to “family” and “friend” to not only the client but also the family. This made a massive difference to all involved and truly touched the hearts of everyone. 

Solutions Oriented

Letha is a valuable individual, not only to HomeChoice but to the clients and the families we serve as well. There have been incidents where Letha has been the “Hero” to multiple families. She is always willing to pitch in when emergencies arise and has not complained once when asked to assist even on short notice. There is not very much that Letha would not do to ensure a current client or a previous client of hers is well taken care of.  

Do the Right Thing

Letha is also a dedicated employee and always looking for a way to make things right.  Even in inclement weather, she is willing to care for her clients, once spending 36 straight hours with a client due to snowy weather.

Here’s what people say about Letha

“Letha really showed me the power of an amazing person by showing us just how amazing and selfless she is when it comes to being a caregiver. We honestly couldn’t think of anyone who deserves this MORE than Ms. Letha. She was always willing to help us out when we were struggling to find someone that would be able to go to a client, and she always did it with a huge smile on her face.” – Mitch, Scheduling Coordinator 

“Letha has one of the most compassionate and genuine hearts I have had the pleasure of working with! It is truly delightful to see her interactions with clients and the positive differences she makes with each and every one of them. It is wonderful to watch their faces light up when she speaks, and her infectious laugh and smile fill a room with such warmth it is easy to see why she is and will continue to be a fantastic caregiver.” – Maggie, Branch Manager 

“Letha exemplifies what a great caregiver is in my opinion.  She cares deeply about her clients well being, she is so reliable (I can’t remember the last time Lehta called out of a shift), and always on time.  She goes above and beyond in making sure her clients are well cared for by always being prepared with activities for them to do.” – Brian, Owner & General Manager 

 “Letha is client-centered, committed, and competent.  She considers each home individually and provides the compassionate care needed in that home; not a “one size fits all” attitude.  She embodies every one of our values but especially CARING AND COMPASSION and DOING THE RIGHT THING.   She is truly a gift to HomeChoice and all who have the privilege of being cared for by her.” Sharon, RN Supervisor 

“We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Letha as one of Mom’s caregivers. She has a wonderful attitude and is really tuned in to Mom’s needs. She is punctual and communicates effectively with the daytime caregivers. We are happy to see her get this award.” – Ken, son of a current client 

Letha was surprised to receive this honor and said the award will have a special place in her home.  She also said, “I love working for HomeChoice, you guys have been so good to me.  You always send me to great clients, I’ve been  caregiving for 39 years and I’ll stay another 39 years if you’ll have me.”  Letha has been a team member for 12 years and enjoys caring for the elderly.  She likes working with HomeChoice Home Care Solutions because it is a very friendly place to work and the staff is super nice. Her future plans are to keep working for HomeChoice Home Care Solutions and caring for the clients she loves and who love her right back.  

In her spare time, she enjoys collecting old coins, reading, and spending time with her family.  

Thank you for being such an invaluable member of our team, Letha!  We appreciate you very much! Congratulations!