If we’ve learned anything over the past few years concerning our health care system, it’s that the nurses across America are skilled, dedicated, and selfless. They’ve worked incredibly hard, have witnessed tragedies that were unimaginable to them when they joined the profession, and in some cases – they made the ultimate sacrifice. It’s only fitting that one week each year is dedicated to honoring these incredible individuals.

Nurses don’t only work in hospitals, surgical centers, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. And they don’t all have nursing degrees. The nurses in your life may be family, friends, or professional caregivers who care for you or a loved one at home. They, too, deserve thanks and appreciation during Nurses Week.

Here are three ways to say “Thank You” and help them feel special.

1. The Gift of Self-Care

Busy nurses and caregivers often spend long hours on their feet. Much of their work is of a physical nature, such as helping patients in and out of bed, bathing and dressing them, preparing meals, and performing other household duties if they’re an in-home caregiver. At the end of a long day, they often head home tired with sore muscles and joints, tense necks, and backaches.

One way you can show your appreciation to your nurse/caregiver is by giving them a bag full of goodies that will help them physically relax and heal after a grueling day. In the bag, you can include:

  • Foam rollers
  • Massage balls
  • Bath salts
  • Essential oils
  • Calming teas

These items can be used multiple times, and they’ll sense your appreciation every time they pick one up.

2. Greenery

Another gift you can give that will last is a potted plant or indoor tree. While flowers are beautiful and always appreciated, they have a limited shelf-life, unlike an indoor plant or tree that can be seen and enjoyed by your nurse or caregiver for years to come.

Some of the most popular plants that are given as gifts are:

  • Calathea “Medallion” Plant
  • Rattlesnake Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Pothos Jade
  • Bird’s-Nest Fern

Many beautiful live plants that are easy to care for can be easily found in the floral department of your local grocery store or a florist shop. The professionals that work there can help you pick one out.

3. A Heartfelt Message

Everyone appreciates getting a hand-written expression of gratitude that comes straight from the heart. While store-bought greeting cards that come with pre-written verses are always an option (and you can add a personal note on the card), you can make this expression of appreciation even more special by writing a heartfelt message on a piece of stationary or blank card.

The exceptional nurses/caregivers in your life will appreciate this thoughtful token of your appreciation for many years. It’s a gift that will cheer them up when they feel overwhelmed or unappreciated after a bad day and make them think warmly of you every time they read it.

The Caregivers at HomeChoice Home Care Solutions

 The administrative team at HomeChoice Home Care Solutions would like to take a moment to thank all the nurses and caregivers who give selflessly of themselves every day. We’re particularly appreciative of each of our Caregivers, who are among the most kindhearted people you’ll ever meet and who put the care of others ahead of their own needs daily.

If you or your loved one need assistance with home care services from a compassionate caregiver in Raleigh, Durham, or Cary, contact HomeChoice Home Care Solutions today. Our experienced, trained Caregivers will provide the tenderhearted care that your family deserves.