For seniors who are newly retired and used to working a full-time job, adjusting to the retired life can be a challenge.  While it may have been a time that they had been looking forward to for aSenior-Care-Cary-NC long time, it can come with feelings of sadness or loneliness.  Seniors may miss having a job to do each and every day and they may miss the companionship of coworkers.  Though retirement is a happy time, it is still a big change and seniors should not feel guilty for having mixed feelings.  To prevent these “retirement blues” from turning into a period of depression, seniors must be proactive about making their new life everything they want it to be and more.  Since staying at home often causes seniors to lose the social life they once had, it is important that seniors seek out different social activities so that they don’t lose this important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Seniors may be surprised to find that they don’t have to be an employee to have a social life and that many social activities that are specifically designed for seniors can be exciting and fun.  Here are just a few examples of social activities that are great for seniors.

Adult Education Classes

Many community centers will have adult education classes throughout the year.  These classes give seniors the opportunity to learn something new and meet others with similar interests.  Seniors can choose a subject that interests them and learn a new skill that they didn’t have time to learn while they were working full time.  Examples include learning a foreign language, learning to cook, and learning how to write poetry.

Senior Fitness Classes

With a fitness class that is specifically designed with seniors in mind, seniors can get all of the health benefits of exercise while meeting others, as well.  Fitness classes can be fun and challenging and they can help seniors maintain their strength and quality of life.  Some examples include tai chi, water aerobics, and yoga.


Volunteering is a great way for seniors to put skills they already have to good use for the benefit of others.  By offering to help out at places such as food pantries, animal shelters, and schools, seniors will be able to help those in need and often have a great time doing it.

Book Clubs

Local libraries will often host book clubs where seniors can meet to discuss a book that they’ve read.  Going to a book club is a great motivator to get more reading done and it is a great place to have thoughtful, in-depth conversations which is great for mind and spirit.

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