Elder Care in Cary NC

Though most people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease receive this diagnosis when they are in the early stage, it is the next stage of the progression that is generally the longest. Referred Elder-Care-in-Cary-NCto as the middle or moderate stage of Alzheimer’s disease, this is the stage when your parent’s symptoms become more obvious and life-changing and the need for care will be even more evident. As a caregiver this is the time when the planning that you did during the early stage of the disease is vital to ensuring that you give your parent the type of care that they desire and deserve so that you can help them to maintain their quality of life. Knowing the signs and symptoms of this stage can help you to prepare for the progression so that you are ready to give your loved one the support, assistance, and encouragement that they need as they move forward.


Some of the signs and symptoms of moderate Alzheimer’s disease include:

  • Frequently confusing words or using the wrong words when they are having conversations
  • Forgetfulness about specific events
  • Inability to remember of confusing moments in their own life history
  • Showing signs of moodiness or being withdrawn, particularly when they are in social situations or are being challenged mentally
  • Difficulty remembering their own phone number or home address
  • Inability to recall specific details about the past, such as the schools that they attended
  • Confusion about the season or the year
  • Difficulty remembering what day it is
  • Confusion about the time of day and what should be done during that time
  • Selecting clothing that does not go together, is inappropriate for the event or season, or does not fit properly
  • Changes in sleep patterns including the possible development of sundowner’s
  • Increase in wandering tendencies that might become dangerous
  • Getting lost easily, especially when it comes to going places that are familiar
  • Developing repetitive behaviors, such as tearing up tissues or pieces of paper, or rubbing their fingers together
  • Delusions
  • Showing suspiciousness and distrust even for people who they know and are usually comfortable with
  • Loss of control of their bladder or bowels


Elder care can make a tremendous difference in the life of a senior who is in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease. This care provider can help your parent to manage their changing and increasing symptoms while continuing to support an independent, fulfilling, and high quality of life as they age in place. This means that you can feel confident that even as your parent faces the difficulties that come along with this stage of the disease, they are still getting all of the support, care, assistance, and nurturing that they deserve so that they are able to live a lifestyle that they want. The personalized services of an elderly home care services provider are an exceptional supplement to the care that you already give them, enabling you to continue focusing on your own health and well-being while knowing that your parent is safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy at all times.


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