Mary knew that it was time to talk to her sisters about their father’s failing health, but she dreaded the conversation. He’d been declining for months, but since her sisters lived all across the country, they hadn’t seen the problem for themselves. Home care was the right option, but she had a feeling that her sisters would balk at the idea. The problem is that when loved ones wait to have these kinds of talks, the situation can become even more dire for their elderly relatives. With some good foundations, the conversation can go very well.

Don’t Assume Anything

For adult children who are the primary caretakers for their elderly parents, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows what’s going on. The truth may be quite the opposite. If siblings live far away, their only contact with their parents may be through occasional phone calls when life is demanding a lot of their attention. It’s easy to overlook the subtle signs that point to elder care as a solution. Any time someone thinks that everyone else involved surely knows about this situation or that symptom, they tend to find out later that wasn’t the case at all.

Be Open About What’s Going On

Some families are hesitant to talk about what’s really going on because it’s scary. Parents were always there for their children, and now those roles are reversed. It’s essential that everyone involved is completely honest about everything that is going on with the elderly loved one. All health concerns need to be talked about, as well as potential solutions. And if senior care is right for the family, then everyone needs to understand exactly what that care involves.

Don’t Wait to Have the Talk

There’s a tendency to think, “Well, Dad’s not that bad just yet, we can wait a little longer for this talk.” Health, both physical and mental, can literally change overnight or with a seemingly simple fall. If it seems like it might be time to talk to everyone involved about the possibility of finding in-home care for an elderly relative, then it is definitely time. Putting it off only makes the situation more difficult for everyone involved.

Making the choice to enlist home care services is tough for some families to do, but with the right communication and follow through the conversation doesn’t have to be scary at all.

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