Elderly Care in Wake Forest NC

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disease that can result in tremors, rigidity, impaired balance and a shuffling gate. There are steps your parent can take, however, that will help control some of these symptoms and make others easier to bare.Elderly-Care-in-Wake-Forest-NC

Stiffness and Rigidity

The stiffness and rigidity associated with Parkinson’s can be uncomfortable and painful. The discomfort associated with trying to perform the daily activities of living can lead to a sense of hopelessness and depression. Exercise and movement is recommended to prevent stiff muscles. The more your parent moves, the better chance they have of limiting the stiffness and rigidity that accompanies lack of movement. Walking, yoga, tai chi and even high-intensity interval training, if approved by their health care professional, have proven beneficial for those suffering from this disease.

A hot bath with one cup of Epson salts can be relaxing. Add a few drops of the essential oils of lavender, chamomile and clary sage for both the relaxing fragrance and the relaxing effects.


Some people with this disease find that reducing caffeine intake decreases the tremors. Others use a rigid brace worn over the joint and then place weight on the hand to restore control.

Swallowing and Drooling

Difficulty swallowing affects some people with Parkinson’s. Milk shakes, smoothies and soups are recommended. Soft, moist foods can also be included in the diet with modest success. Crumbly foods such as crackers can get stuck in the throat and are not recommended. Encourage your parent to eat small bites of food and to chew thoroughly.  Drooling results because of problems swallowing saliva. A physical therapist may be able to recommend lip exercises. Sugary foods increase saliva and should be avoided.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are natural reactions following this type of diagnosis and the symptoms that result. Remind your parent that they still have many years of high-functioning if just diagnosed. Also, a physical or occupational therapist can help them adapt and suggest exercises that diminish symptoms. Relaxation techniques help ease anxiety. If the depression and anxiety persist, make an appointment with their health care practitioner.

Elderly Care Provider

An elderly care provider can assist your parent as the disease progresses. They can start by helping out just a few days a week and increase their care as needed. Their type of care ranges from preparing some meals each week and attending to the grocery shopping and other errands to assisting with the daily activities of living such as bathing and dressing. They can provide transportation to your parent’s exercise classes and accompany them on daily walks. They can provide the companionship so important to your parent as they navigate the terrain of Parkinson’s.


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