It’s a word we are all clinging to these days, but it is a powerful word. We have hope that all of the people we know and love will stay healthy and safe during this pandemic. We have hope in our healthcare professionals and scientists who are working so hard to care for us and to find treatments and a vaccine. We also have hope for today and the things we can do to make our clients and employees safer and more secure during this time.

One of the things we know can help us all stay healthy is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Since it became clear that COVID19 wasn’t going to “blow over” we have worked with multiple vendors to obtain a supply of PPE to provide to our caregivers and clients. We have happily provided a HomeChoice Care Kit to each client and caregiver in order to help them stay safe and healthy. Our office staff lovingly constructed our kits. Our Care Manager, RN Supervisor and Owner all hand delivered the Care Kits to make sure everyone received what they needed. It was wonderful to see some people we haven’t seen for a while- even if it was from afar!

Rest assured, we continue to stock up on the needed supplies and will continue to do everything possible to keep our clients and caregivers as safe as possible.

Remember, the best thing we can do to combat fear is to control what we can and to choose hope and faith. We will get through this, together.