Congratulations to Madison, our Caregiver of the Month for September!


Madison, our caregiver of the month for September 2021.

Madison, our caregiver of the month for September 2021.

Congratulations to Madison, our September Caregiver of the Month.  Madison has been a CNA for just a little over a year.  She became a CNA to see if healthcare would be a good fit for her.  When asked what it’s like to be a CNA Madison said, “Being a CNA can be challenging in general but especially now with Covid, but I enjoy what I do and I love all my clients. Being a CNA gives me a heads up on what it may be like to be a Registered Nurse. The work is hard and not easy but it is amazing to know that your work does not go unnoticed!”

Madison also talked about what it’s like to work for HomeChoice Home Care Solutions.  She said, “HomeChoice is amazing in general, but I think what I love most about working for the company is the scheduling. Everything is convenient and ultimately based upon your time available. I enjoy that the most because I am a student.  I also really enjoy that I can take up an extra shift anytime I am available. I also enjoy HomeChoice’s staff. From Brian to the scheduling managers to the nurse, everyone is so understanding and so kind. The positive attitudes from the staff make it a better environment for all the CNAs.”

One thing that makes Madison so special and such a beloved CNA is her love for senior care.  She loves to do special activities to engage with her clients.  She talked about how much she enjoys her clients, “I have many activities that I do with all of my clients but one activity that I enjoy doing with a specific client is gardening. Every time I see my client we go outside and work in her garden, but on Sundays, we take the time out to do all of the garden work such as watering the flowers, cutting down the bushes, potting new plants, and filling up the bird feeder. I wasn’t into plants until I met my client, but now I love it and so does she. After we do all that hard work, we sit in the garden chairs and drink our sweet tea and just relax and enjoy the view.”

Madison plans on applying to nursing school in January and starting in fall 2022. She would eventually like to get her BSN and even her MSN.  Madison enjoys cooking, trying new recipes, and feeding her friends and family.  She also enjoys time with her 7-year-old sister. They have fun making slime and going outside. Madison also enjoys gardening which is a hobby she picked up from one of her beloved clients.  Madison has 3 sisters.  Healthcare runs in her family- her grandmother is a CNA and her mother has been a CNA for more than 20 years and her sister is a medical assistant.  Madison has enjoyed working for HomeChoice so much that she recruited her mother and sister to work for the company because everyone is so sweet and nice and because the scheduling is great.

Congratulations, Madison.  You are a much appreciated and valued member of our team!