Congratulations to Hector, our winner of the Perfect Attendance Drawing!  To be eligible for this award Hector did not call out for any of his shifts, picked up shifts when asked and has been in good standing at HomeChoice Home Care Solutions. His name was entered into the drawing for each shift he worked during that period, twice for any shifts he picked up when we asked.  Hector was awarded $500 in cash! 

Hector is a beloved caregiver amongst our staff and clients.  Vivecca, our Care Manager said, “Hector is always willing to help his clients whenever possible. Picking up extra shifts and staying with them, even after the client tested positive for COVID, because he knew they needed care. He is extremely reliable and one of our best!” Hector is known to be a kind and caring person.  Carrie, our RN Supervisor said, “Hector is a true gentleman.  He is one of the most polite and respectful caregivers that I have visited.  I think his mannerisms and personality make him one of our best.  His clients resonate the same praise for his skills and personality.  It’s truly a privilege to work with such a wonderful caregiver!”  Brain, HomeChoice Home Care Solutions’ owner, understands how important our caregivers are to our mission.  He said, “Hector is a caring, thoughtful and extremely dedicated caregiver.  Since his first days of working at HomeChoice, Hector has always been on-time and reliable in being there for his clients.  He is always willing to take on new clients and he truly treats clients like he would want to be treated.  He truly cares for his clients and  does everything he can to improve the quality of their life.”  The wife of one of our clients reached out to us to let us know how much she appreciates Hector.  She said, “He makes my husband a priority when he comes here. He rarely uses his phone in spare moments and if he does, he asks my husband’s permission first. He shows interest in Peter. He is thorough in his work. He motivates Peter to do Physical and Occupational therapy. Hector doesn’t need any reminding. He arrives on time. He is nurturing: often rubs Peter’s back during moments when he thinks Peter might be stressed. Hector shows interest in other members of the family: My son and myself. He is kind and thoughtful. He is very professional in appearance and behavior.”

Hector has been a CNA for 2 years.  When asked what gives him such a strong work ethic he said, “I believe being dependable and dedicated to work makes a person more valuable, talented, and trustworthy.”  He likes working for HomeChoice because we provide a unique opportunity to pick up as many hours as one would like, we offer flexible schedules, and we share a monthly newsletter with useful information for the CNAs in the field.  When asked what his favorite activity to do with a client is, Hector said, “At the moment, my client’s dream is to regain the ability to walk again by himself. So, helping him walk gives me satisfaction because we’re working together for him to achieve his dream.”   Hector is currently pursuing his RN through Wake Tech with his ultimate goal being to receive his BSN.  During his free time, he enjoys working on cars,  walking at the park, and playing disc golf.

Congratulations, Hector! We appreciate you and all you bring to the HomeChoice Home Care Solutions family!