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As the family caregiver, you probably think that you need to be at your loved one’s side every second of the day. While this may be true to a point, your loved ones were once able to do everything Caregiver-Apex-NCby themselves. They did not need someone to help them dress, take a shower, or go to the bathroom. Even though they are no longer able to have a life that does not require some sort of assistance, they still need to be treated with some respect and dignity. If you are one of those family members who has a difficult time letting go and letting your loved one make decisions every once in a while, you could be taking those attributes away from them. These tips will help you make him feel respected and dignified once again.


Give them some privacy
It makes sense that you would want to keep the door open in the bathroom to watch their every move since one fall could send your loved one to the emergency room. Or take care of their finances, especially if they have a condition that makes it difficult to make good judgment. However, the person you are providing in-home care for deserves a certain level of privacy.

  • After assisting your loved one into the bathroom, leave the bathroom and close the door behind you.
  • Knock on the door before entering.
  • If you are helping them with their finances or other equally important tasks, keep it confidential. Your loved ones would not appreciate you sharing their information with other family members or friends.


Let your loved one make choices

Even if a disability or medical condition is holding them back, there are some decisions they will still be able to make. Before making it for them, use these tips.

  • Your loved one would feel like their opinion is still valued by having you ask for it every now and then. It could be something simple like asking them what they would like to eat, wear, or what activity they would like to do.
  • Do not pick fights over minor topics; both of you will end of leaving the conversation frustrated. Try to support decisions your aging loved one does make even if you do not agree with them.  Of course, these decisions should not affect their health or well-being.
  • If they have cognitive problems that makes it challenging to communicate what they want, give them choices to pick from. For example, instead of asking what they would like to eat, you could list a few menu options until they decide what they would like.


Learn to listen
If your loved ones can communicate, let them.

  • Listen to their concerns or any issue that is on their mind.
  • Frequently ask for their opinions and let them know that those opinions are important.
  • Talk to them, not about them. If your loved ones are in the room, do not talk about them as if they are not there. Include them in the conversation as much as possible.

Family caregivers are there to assist aging loved ones with elder care to ensure they get the help they need. However, use these tips often to give them back their dignity and respect.


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