Before you take your mom out for a meal to celebrate Mother’s Day, take some time to make her home safer. There are five simple things you can install or change in your mom’s house that will keep her safer at times when she’s home alone.

Caregivers Raleigh NC: Mother's Day (May 14): Five Things You Can Do to Make Mom's Home Safer

Caregivers Raleigh NC: Mother’s Day (May 14): Five Things You Can Do to Make Mom’s Home Safer

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars inside a bathtub or shower stall are important to prevent falls. There should also be safety bars outside of the shower/tub and near the toilet. Check local building codes to know the proper height for installing both vertical and horizontal grab bars.

Secure Loose Rugs and Carpets

Loose carpets and rugs pose a hazard. If you can’t remove the rugs completely, use rubber backing or double-sided tape to keep the rugs in place. If any of the edges of the rugs are starting to curl up, it’s best to remove the rug and purchase a new one.

Add Lighting to Darker Areas

Dark hallways and stairwells should have bright lighting to help prevent accidental falls. Check your local hardware store for small LED lighting that’s installed at floor level. These lights brighten flooring to help your mom avoid obstacles like pets when it’s dark out.

Inspect Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Test all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors within the home. Many units will have date stamps on them that tell you when it was manufactured. If the date is older than 10 years, purchase and install a new unit. Some fire alarms have 10-year batteries and won’t need replacing twice a year, but if it’s a 9-volt battery, make sure it’s replaced twice a year.

Check Railings

Check railings on your mom’s interior and exterior stairs. If any railings are loose, take measures to tighten them. Wooden railings should be inspected for cracks and splintering wood. If there are splinters, sand the rough areas to remove the potential for getting a splinter. If there are staircases where there is no railing or it only extends part of the way, install new railings.

You can’t always be there to watch out for your mom. You have your own household chores to do, family responsibilities, and work hours to keep. Talk to a service that arranges for caregivers to come to your mom’s home and help out. These caregivers offer a range of services like meal

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