Caregiver in Raleigh NC: Transportation Options for Seniors

Caregiver in Raleigh NC: Transportation Options for Seniors

Your dad’s vision or reaction times have worsened to the point he can no longer drive. He’s given up his keys and sold his car, but he’s concerned that this is going to greatly affect his independence. You need to have another plan in place. If you’re at work and your dad suddenly wants to go to the store or his barber, it’s unlikely you can drop everything to chauffeur him. Here are five solutions that make sure your dad remains independent.

1. Check Prices With Uber and Similar Taxi Services.

Services like Uber and Lyft offer affordable transportation when your dad needs it. Rides are often less expensive than a traditional taxi service. It’s not always the case though, so if your dad needs a ride somewhere, he should call around and compare rates. There are apps that compare the rates for the user, and those can be invaluable at finding the cheapest fare.

2. Arrange Rides With Senior Service Transportation Agencies.

Talk to your dad’s local Agency on Aging. They often offer transportation services for seniors that are affordable and safe. They usually have routine scheduled services and call-ahead services for things like doctor’s appointments or hospital tests.

3. Rely on Public Transportation.

In larger cities and suburbs, bus and subway services can help your dad get around. You may want to go with him on the first few rides to make sure he knows how to read the map and get back to his house. Keep an updated map and schedule on his fridge for easy access.

4. Create a Barter System With Friends and Neighbors.

Does your dad have friends or neighbors that he trusts? They may be willing to drive him when they’re running their own errands. He can chip in gas money and get a ride with someone he trusts. You may be able to work a barter system, especially if your dad’s neighbor is also older. They may be willing to give your dad a ride in exchange for your help mowing the lawn. It never hurts to ask.

5. Hire Caregivers.

Caregivers are a huge benefit if your dad needs help around the house. A caregiver can drive your dad to and from appointments, help him with laundry, and assist with meals. You get multiple services with caregivers. Call a home care agency today and find out the full scope of what caregivers can do.

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