Elder Care in Garner NC

October 9 through 15 is Fire Prevention Week. As a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity for you to learn more about fire risk and what you can do to help protect your elderly loved one Elder-Care-in-Garner-NCfrom the potential dangers that can come with residential fires.


Some things that you should know about residential fires and the elderly during Fire Prevention Week and throughout the rest of the year include:

  • According to research by the United States Fire Administration and Homeland Security, adults over the age of 64 represent only 13 percent of the overall population of the United States, but experienced approximately 35 percent of the overall fire deaths
  • The risk of a person who is aged 65 years or older dying as a result of a fire is approximately 2.7 times that of other members of the population
  • The older a person is, the higher the risk that they are going to be injured or die in a fire
  • The relative risk of dying in a fire for those between the ages of 65 and 74 is just under 2 percent
  • The relative risk of dying in a fire for those over the age of 84 is just over 4.6 percent
  • Alaskan Native, Indian, and Black seniors are at a higher risk of dying in a fire than White seniors
  • Asian and Pacific Islander seniors have approximately 20 percent less risk of dying in a fire than others in the population
  • Senior men have a 62 percent increased risk of dying as a result of a fire than senior women
  • Seniors between the ages of 65 and 74 suffer approximately 39 percent of all fire-related deaths among older adults
  • Younger seniors, that is, those who are between the ages of 65 and 74, are more likely to suffer an injury related to a fire than older seniors, who are more likely to die as a result of a fire
  • These younger adults experience approximately 54 percent of injuries related to fires that occur among older people


There are many reasons that older adults are more likely to be injured or die in fires than other members of the population. This includes the fact that they tend to suffer cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges. These challenges and limitations make it more likely that your parent will start a fire, but also less likely that they will be able to respond effectively in such a way that they are able to get out of danger in time.

If you are concerned about your aging parent’s safety when it comes to fire risk, starting elder care for them can help to give you greater peace of mind. Knowing that there is an elderly health care services provider in the home with your aging parent can give you confidence knowing that they are in the best hands possible even when you are not able to be with them. This means that they will avoid potentially dangerous decisions and actions, which can protect them from the risks of a residential fire. If a fire does occur when the care provider is with your parent, that provider can help your parent respond effectively so that they stay as safe as possible.


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Source:  http://nfa.usfa.dhs.gov/downloads/pdf/statistics/v14i9.pdf